What The Stork Vision Brand Stands For

What Does The Stork Vision® Brand Stand For?

The Stork Vision® Brand stands for quality, consistency, safety, and excellence.  We have developed the highest standards in the industry to ensure we can achieve these goals. Recognized for our high standards of excellence in providing Premier Prenatal Imaging, we have earned the respect and trust of the medical community and state organizations. 

We offer unsurpassed customer service in a clean, safe, warm, and friendly environment where expectant parents and families can view and bond with their baby outside of a clinical setting.

We have developed our own standardized protocols for performing prenatal ultrasounds. Our Medical Director continually reviews and updates these protocols as newly developed equipment and procedures may dictate.  Prior to our operation in any state, we provide our Medical Director’s protocol, Sonographer’s protocol, and Customer Relations protocol to state agencies and medical boards.  In addition, we require the consent from the customer’s prenatal care provider prior to her receiving a Stork Vision® ultrasound.

We passionately believe in the value of prenatal care and require prenatal care verification for each Stork Vision® customer.  Consequently, we require a physician's consent/verification prior to a customer receiving a Stork Vision® ultrasound.
Certification makes a critical difference in the quality of an ultrasound study. To deliver the best and safest ultrasound service and products, we require that our Sonographers be third-party eligible by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®). The ARDMS®, incorporated in June 1975, is an independent, nonprofit organization that administers examinations and awards credentials in various areas of medical sonography.  The ARDMS® is the globally recognized standard of excellence in sonography. 

Before a candidate may even begin the examination process, he/she must already have passed a stringent set of prerequisites based on a combination of education and clinical experience.  Once accepted, the candidate has total of 5 years to complete a physical princples and instrumentation examination and a corresponding specialty examination. The quality of any ultrasound is totally dependent on the knowledge, experience, and skill of one person – the sonographer. Our customers can be assured that Stork Vision® sonographers possess the competencies required to deliver the best possible ultrasound.

We have a Chief Medical Director who is a board certified practicing physician with over fifteen years experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN). Additionally, he oversees several Stork Vision® locations.  His hands-on guidance along with his continued research and development helps maintain Stork Vision®’s high standards throughout the Stork Vision® System.

We have a trademarked name and logo, and beautiful branded marketing materials. We also offer an exclusive trend-right branded line of merchandise to complement and enhance the overall Stork Vision® Prenatal Imaging experience.