Getting Started!

A Step By Step Outline to Owning a Stork Vision®

  1. After reading the Franchising Information on this site, complete and submit the supplied Information Request online. Upon receipt, the information will be reviewed by our executive staff and you will be contacted to schedule a phone call with a corporate representative.
  2. During the phone call, the corporate representative can further elaborate on Stork Vision®
    We will mail an application packet to you after the phone call. Review the packet and submit the credit application and territory application to Stork Vision International.  This information will be reviewed by our executive staff and you will be notified once qualified.
  3. Plan and schedule a Skype call with our corporate headquarters in Colleyville, Texas. During this Discovery meeting you will get an in-depth introduction to Stork Vision®
  4. If you decide to acquire a franchise, you must organize your company, secure financing, and select possible site locations. We will then finalize your Franchise Agreement and send it to you for your review and signature.
  5. Return the signed Franchise Agreement to corporate headquarters along with payment of the franchise fee either by certified check or wire transfer.
    After we notify you that your Franchise Agreement has been approved and countersigned, make arrangements for site approval and pre-opening training with Stork Vision®
  6. Attend Sonographer training with your Sonographer at Stork Vision®
  7. Complete the build-out and setup of your store.
  8. Open for business.

Before you choose a Prenatal Imaging Company, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. How many stores opened last year and how many closed?
  2. Have you had any fines from the State Attorney General’s Office or State Health Department either corporately or at the store level?
  3. Have there been any incidences requiring the intervention of the State Attorney General’s Office or State Health Department?
  4. Has any State Agency or the State Health Department reviewed your existing protocols?
  5. What type of service does the Medical Director offer at the store level? Is he licensed in my state?  Is he a currently practicing physician?  Does he read scans?  Is he available on-call when there is a problem?
  6. Are Sonographers required to be ARDMS®
  7. Is there a true company Brand, one recognizable name for all locations? Is there a registered trademark and logo?  If not, how am I protected for the name I pick for my store? 
  8. If I have to register my own name and mark, how much will that cost and how long will it take?
  9. Is there a royalty fee or marketing fee and what is the difference between the two?
  10. What do I receive for the franchise fee and ongoing royalty fees? 
  11. What do I receive for the marketing fee?  What services will be strictly a la carte and how much will they cost?
  12. What type of on-going support is offered? Are there fees associated with this?
  13. Does the Franchisor provide any site location support?  If not, does the Franchisor provide any other type of assistance in site selection?
  14. Does the Franchisor offer any on-site support?  Is there an extra fee for this?
  15. Is the franchisor a member of the Franchise Registry, a site where lenders  come to do franchise financing?