Stork Vision Features & Benefits

The Stork Vision® Brand provides the following Features and Benefits to both our Franchise Owners and our Customers.

Stork Vision® Features

Benefits to Owners and Customers

Branded Advertising:
The Stork Vision® name and logo are the trademarked property of Stork Vision Systems, Inc. Owning a Stork Vision® franchise gives you the right to use the Stork Vision® name and logo as well as our trade secrets to build a thriving business. We provide you with tailor-made branded marketing and advertising materials and assist you in developing your advertising plan. We then provide you with all the information and training necessary for you to use these tools in the most effective way.
Franchise Owners save valuable resources in both time and money. Developing and registering a trademark is both costly and time consuming. The same is true for advertising materials. By using our registered trademark along with our proven marketing materials and tools, our owners have a distinct advantage over the competition.
Brand Consistency:  We have developed a set of Stork Vision® best practices along with standardized protocols and procedures regarding customer service and operations. Standardized procedures ensure a high quality and consistent experience at each and every Stork Vision® location and further enhance customer recognition. Having access to proven best practices gives our owners added confidence in the promotion of their business.
The Stork Vision® Environment: Each Stork Vision® Center has an acclaimed standardized décor that is trend-right, warm, friendly, and inviting.  Our "shabby chic" reception boutique area and our warm comfortable home-theater-like viewing room provide expectant parents and their families the ultimate viewing environment. Owners need not develop their own standards for color and furnishings. We provide specifications for everything you need to furnish and decorate your Center. We have had nothing but positive response
Listed on the Franchise Registry Stork Vision has been pre-approved by the SBA through the Franchise Registry. Franchisee's of Stork Vision are eligible for expedited and streamlined SBA loan processing through the Franchise Registry ( ).